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Google Photos to add a memory feed for your favorite memories

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Google Photos acts as a hub for gathering up all your pictures and memories in one place. Initially, this app started as a gallery for keeping your pictures, but with time, Google added various features to the app that have made it more than just a gallery. In a recent update, Google added video editing tools to its browser. With the latest upcoming update, Google will add a memory feed to your home screen to help you remember your favorite memories.

As per information via a tipster, Mail Sadykov, the Google Photo app already displays various memory collections occasionally, but with this new feature, it will compile up various events and timelines under a single tab.

Although the memories feature will be available in photos, with this latest update, the slider will separate the timeline from the photos. By tapping on the slider, users will be able to see all the memories from that day. This latest feature is currently under testing, and we hope that it’ll be available to users soon.

Google is adding enhancements to its Photos app. In the current week, Google enhanced its search feature, which will allow users to find results that are close to their description. Along with that, the app provides the option of hiding sensitive images in a locked folder that can be secured through a password, pin, or fingerprint.

Another feature, the Magic Eraser, was also embraced by users and can be used even without Pixel devices by having a Google One subscription. Although there’s uncertainty regarding the launch of this feature, The company may touch it next week during Google I/O.

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