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The 2nm process by TSMC will soon enter the production phase


Some recent pieces of information suggest that the Taiwanese semiconductor giant is ready to begin the production of its 2nm fabrication process. The company might use limited AI powers to facilitate the production process. As per the sources, TSMC is ready to begin the pre-production work on its upcoming 2nm fabrication process.

Presently, the 3nm fabrication process is used by the semiconductor industry. the generation of the 2nm fabrication process will be a revolution in the chips industry. Similar to TSMC, various other companies like Samsung, Intel, and MediaTek are also working on this technology. However, TSMC seems to be the lead in this race. Since it is working on the production stage of the 2nm fabrication process.

What is the 2nm fabrication process by TSMC?

The sources claim that the company will use artificial intelligence for the production process of 2m chips. AI will be used as part of the enhancement process known as AutoDMP. It works by enhancing the speed of the design process. It uses the Nvidia DGX H100 chip to improve power and performance.

These reports suggest that artificial intelligence enhances the process 30 times in contrast to other chip design techniques. given this information, it appears like TSMC will be able to produce 1,000 wafers before the end of 2023.  Pre-production trials beginning now are not in line with prior intentions for the project to begin next year.

Besides artificial intelligence, the process will also utilize the gate-all-around (GAAFET) transistors during design. Using this approach, the company will lessen the carbon emissions. Resultantly, the 2nm fabrication process by TSMC will be prepared for use early enough.  

Given this technology, transistor density as well as leakage will be reduced. the GAAFET tech improves the performance of end users since it utilizes less energy. The performance of the 2m chips is expected to be much better than the 3nm chips. The 2nm fabrication process will enter the mass production stage once the production trial ends. The new 2nm fabrication process will be sued in the forthcoming smartphones, tablets, and other such devices.

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