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Cinepax Cinema website was hacked and restored

One of the most famous cinema networks in Pakistan is Cinepax cinemas. It has multiple screens all over Pakistan. The website of Cinepax was hacked by hackers. They have left a message for the people on the site. The title of the page hacked read “CinePax Cinema Got HacKed By Team Pak Cyber Attackers”. After that, there was an image of army figures holding a Pakistani flag.

After this the hackers wrote “We Are Legend We Are h4xoR”, praising themselves. Also, Cinepax was asked to add security to their server. The message said

“Secure y0ur Server :D”

“Respect Us Or Expect Us ;)”.

A name was also posted at the end


Cinepax General Manager, Mohsin Yaseen also confirmed that their server was compromised.

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Now if you visit the website of Cinepax, it is working absolutely fine. So this means that the website has been restored.

One thing should be noted that the hackers posted funny messages as they hacked it but it can’t be taken lightly. The investigation should be done as to how the website got hacked. All the websites and networks should tighten their security networks because it is really important.