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You should never share 3 things on Social media

The continuous digitization of human information and increasing social media usage has put the consumer privacy at risk more than ever before. Many social users, especially teenagers are unaware of the information they share on social media and its consequences.

Information like location, paycheque, date of birth—could be used for identity theft and fraud. According to the Pew Research Center, 82 percent of people mention their date of birth on social media, 92 percent of teenagers post their full real name and 71 percent show their residence and location on their social profiles.

People nowadays tend to share almost everything on social media which could have seriously damaging repercussions. The list could be quite long but here are three basic things that you should never share on social media profiles.

  1. Driver license or photo ID

Some people might be tempted to post their new ID card or driver license in first attempt or anything similar to that. The photo ID document contains sensitive information that hackers may be looking for.

Most of the photo IDs such as driver license, ID card, and University Student Card contains the information including Full name, DOB, residence, and picture. These details are quite sensitive; access to personal information could allow identity thieves to open a new line of credit. You must also keep monitoring you credit information which is available online.

  1. Travel itinerary & Location

You must be thrilled when you got all set to fly to the place you were planning since long, it could create an urge for most to post their travel details online and share it with their friends. Hold on—you are leaving your home in the hands of burglars, if you have geo-tagging on you could be tracked by thieves and once you leave your home alone burglars have all the information where you live and where you are flying to and probably when you will be back.

So they got enough time to plan a burglary in your house and steal your precious home items.

  1. Bank account information

It all happens when you brag about or in a great excitement, you may receive your first paycheque and could not resist it to post on social media. You might have received a refund in the form of a cheque from some company or might have received your first debit or credit card. Posting these things on social profiles would put you in jeopardy. All these things contain bank information and later that can be used for identity theft. In 2014, CNNMoney reported that law enforcement agencies caught identity thieves who were looking for the information on Instagram with the hashtag #myfirstpaycheque or #myfirstbankcard. The thieves were able to steal the information and make counterfeit cheques to steal money.

There are many other things that you should not post on social media especially the things which contain your personal information and data.