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The Citizens Foundation and Careem hold hands

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This Ramzan, ride hailing organization Careem has collaborated with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) to bring up donations for underprivileged youngsters. These are youngsters who can’t go to class because of grave destitution. The project is very similar to a CSR campaign.

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) and Careem are cooperating to bringing a positive social change through their services. It is difficult to disregard the way that we originate from a nation where more than 25 million young men and young ladies between the ages of 5 and 16 are out of school.

The Citizens Foundation is an NGO that works for education

While numerous enterprises, even the individuals who have worked and earned benefits in Pakistan for quite a long time, have essentially overlooked this cursing measurement, we ought to welcome the associations that are attempting to enhance this circumstance. Illiteracy is the lethal plague that will erode out existence.

Careem was established in 2012 with the aim to bring about something like Uber for Pakistan. It was more than fruitful in such manner, we can’t neglect the developing number of drivers, or Captains, that Careem has made.

Careem gave people a shot for full-time productive work in an enabled and self-governing way. This, as well as it gave astounding low maintenance chances to those in schools and even corporate administrators.

 This has prompted a positive gradually expanding influence. Careem has figured out how to raise a few people out of the destitution line, and in different cases increment their salaries exponentially to such an extent that it workable for them to enhance how they instruct their children. “Not a week goes by when a Captain proudly states that their children are now enrolled in better schools.” says Junaid Iqbal, Managing Director of Careem.

We feel that aside from financially empowering Captains, we must do something for the underprivileged children whose parents or guardians are not able to finance their education.”

Given the above, it is not shocking to discover that the idea of “giving back” to the group is a fundamental piece of Careem’s corporate culture. The organization was established with the aim to enhance lives, and by joining forces with TCF they are planning to do this.

CSR campaigns are corporate’s way of giving back to the community

Taking a gander at Careem’s attention on societal effect, it was nothing unexpected that their workers participated in the demonstration by committing their opportunity to drive TCF-sort autos to raise supports and spread mindfulness for this activity.

The organization, accordingly, coordinated every one of the assets gathered and by 17 June, they had as of now figured out how to finish more than 24,000 rides and the number continues developing incrementally.

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The best part was that the clients were similarly as ready to help as the Captains and have hailed the organization’s endeavors.

 On the off chance that 8 individuals book 2-3 rides for each day for the time of Ramdan it can support a TCF student’s education for a year.


Taking a TCF-sort auto is the slightest we can do to help our nation, and it is a little demonstration that goes far.

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