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$2 for every Uber ride from a teenage rider in the USA

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What if we tell you that for every Uber ride from a teenage passenger you’d get an extra $2? Would you rush to pick that naughty teenager?

Uber has always wondered of ways by which the ride-hailing company could benefit its partner drivers. The company doesn’t want the best only for the riders but also for the Uber drivers.

Recently, Uber rolled out the blasting news that it will be paying an extra $2 for every Uber ride from a teenage rider. The ride-sharing company said in a recent announcement that Uber drivers could now get $2 more for a new ride sent by a young pal.

This new teen account works simply when a teenager from age groups 13 to 18 can join their family profile and their family can track these young ones. Isn’t this good for all?

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Feeling unsafe with teenage riders, one of an Uber driver said earlier:

If a child says you’ve done something inappropriate, the repercussions are almost immediately more serious and the shockwave quicker, so there is an increased risk there and Uber’s done absolutely nothing to lessen that.

And in response, Uber said:

For teen account trips $2 will be added to the base fare and you’ll earn more for those rides

Now, it would be a good and safer way to help teenage riders reach their destiny, at an extra cost of $2!

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