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Club penguin clone is shut down by Disney

Club Penguin

Disney hasn’t been running any type of Club Penguin since 2018, however that hasn’t been preventing some from running clones — and the media giant has clearly had enough. The BBC reports (by means of Gamesindustry.biz) that Disney has requested the conclusion of different sites that incorporate Club Penguin Online, a reasonable knockoff that was definitely not kid-friendly. Different servers had content channels handicapped, permitting racism, harassment and other harsh languages to stream uninhibitedly. There was likewise “e-sex,” courses of action for Zoom meet-ups and (in any event before) doxxing campaigns.

A man associated with the site has additionally been captured on charges of having child abuse pictures. Club Penguin clones without anyone else are illicit as they’re founded on source code and branding utilized without consent.  Disney said in an explanation that “child safety is a top priority,” and that it was “appalled” by allegations on a site that was “illegally” using the brand.

The shutdowns seem to have come generally late. Club Penguin Online was the biggest clone, having as of late arrived at 7 million clients due to some degree to over a million people joining during the pandemic. Disney’s crackdown is significant for securing kids, yet it’s coming after a lot of harm has just been finished.

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