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Colorize your black and white photos with Palette.fm

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Do you wish to add color to your black-and-white photos?

Do you want to play with colors?

Then this AI tool might be for you.

The AI field is ever-expanding. With every passing day, we are witnessing new powerful tools and advancements in various fields. Emil Wallner, a Swedish machine learning researcher, released a new AI tool that adds color to black-and-white photos. This web tool is named Palette.fm. once a user uploads a photo, he can either choose a color filter or refine the color of the photo by just typing the description of desired results.

The web tool Palette.fm is based on a deep learning model. The model classifies the images as well as guesses the colors of objects in a photo or illustration. As noted by Wallner, one model creates the text while the other takes the image and text to generate the colorization.

After uploading the picture, an estimated description of the picture is generated. It is in accordance with the AI power that tells the users what it thinks about the picture. Some colors are set by default. You can click the pencil icon and edit the caption. It will help guide the colorization model while relying on the information from the text prompt.

As of now, Palette.fm is a free service web-based tool. In the future, it might be available as a paid option. Most importantly right now using the Palette.fm doesn’t require account creation. Concerning the privacy of uploaded photos, the site states as they don’t store the images. But we know about this concern when it comes to cloud services.

People on Hacker News have benefitted from Palette.fm. they used the tool to colorize some historical as well as some other photographs. Additionally, some of the various Wallner’s colorization tech is also available on Twitter as a bot since the last year.

With this information, we will leave you with some fun with colorizing.

Happy Coloring

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