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Valve Launches Counter-Strike 2 In Test Mode

Valve just officially announced Counter-Strike 2. The game is already available today, but initially only starts a “limited test”, during which the first players get access to it. It’s supposed to be a complete overhaul of the Counter-Strike experience.

As Valve announced today, Counter-Strike 2 is now available to first-time players as part of a “Limited Test”. The game maker wants to rework “every system, every bit of content and every other part” of Counter-Strike and promises the “biggest technical leap forward” in the history of the game. In addition, you want to offer updates and new features for years.

Counter-Strike 2 will be released as a full version this summer

Valve wants to release the “full version” of Counter-Strike 2 in the summer of 2023. It’s based on the Source 2 engine and brings some fundamental improvements to the game’s internals. Among other things, smoke grenades are now displayed more realistically and there is a significant increase in timing accuracy, which allows the actions of the servers to be understood with greater precision. FAQs provide initial details.

According to the developers, the maps, the visual effects, and the graphics quality as well as the user interface will also be updated with Counter-Strike 2. The audio system is also revised. Despite the visual improvements, Valve wants to ensure that experienced players can also use their skills on the revised maps.

According to Valve, there will be three types of maps in Counter-Strike 2. There are so-called “Touchstone” levels, such as Dust II, where minor visual improvements are made but otherwise, no changes are made. There are also maps that have been improved or reworked and are either upgraded with features from Source 2 or even built from scratch.

For now, as part of the limited test, Valve wants to ensure early gamers can get based on factors like their recent activity on the company’s servers. Trustworthiness and the status of your Steam account should also play a role. Those who are selected will be given the opportunity to register for the test phase via the CS:GO main menu.

The testing phase starts today with a single map in the form of Dust II and users can compete against each other in Death Match mode, among other things. More game modes and more maps will be added as the test phase progresses. For the time being, participation in the test phase is only possible under Windows. Many more details will be announced in the coming months, with Valve apparently planning a significant expansion of Counter-Strike 2.