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Crash Fixed with new beta updates for Windows 11

Microsoft is launching a new version in the beta channel for the next major Windows 11 update 22H2. There are no innovations in sight this time, but there are significant bug fixes – but not all bug fixes will be distributed to all users. Just like the past few weeks, there are two different builds. We have looked at the changes and improvements that have now been made.

One of the bug fixes that Microsoft is now addressing is an issue that prevented the Control Panel from launching from the Start menu, Search, or pinned to the taskbar. Additionally, explorer.exe crashes have been fixed. We’ve added further changes at the end of the post. The new builds for the beta are numbered 22621,590 and 22622,590. The changes are listed as KB5017846. As with previous releases, there are two builds that ship:

  • Build 22622.590 = New Features Rolling Out
  • Build 22621.590 = New features are disabled by default

choice of group

Alternatively, Insiders who landed in the group where new features are disabled by default (build 22621.xxxx) can choose to install the update that rolls out new features (build 22622.xxx). To do this, manually check for updates using the Windows Update feature and then select 22622.xxx build.

As usual, more information about the changes in the builds can be found in the Windows blog. In the latest post, Windows Insider boss Amanda Langowski and Windows executive Brandon LeBlanc listed all the known issues the team is currently working on – adding some new bugs as well.

Fixes for both build 22621.590 and build 22622.590

  • We fixed an issue affecting cldflt.sys. There is a bug check when used with Microsoft OneDrive.
  • We fixed an issue related to Robocopy. Robocopy cannot set a file to the correct modification time when using the /IS option.

Fixes in build 22622.590

  • We fixed the issue that caused the Control Panel not to launch from the Start menu, Search, or pinned to the taskbar in the previous flight.
  • Based on feedback from Windows Insiders, we’ve disabled the ability to share a local file to OneDrive directly from the built-in Windows Share window. We hope to reintroduce this feature in the future as we continue to refine the experience.
  • Fixed an issue where a small percentage of Insiders would repeatedly crash from explorer.exe after attempting to access certain folders on their systems in the previous Beta Channel build.
  • As a one-time change to make it easier for users to find their folders with the Navigation Pane updates, the default folders pinned to the Explorer Navigation Pane will be re-pinned after the upgrade if they were previously unpinned.
  • Fixed a recent issue where if File Explorer was open when switching between light and dark modes, distorted text or the wrong UI color could appear.
  • Fixed an issue where the New/Sort/View/etc buttons. in the command bar could be truncated significantly vertically after increasing the text scale in the accessibility settings.
  • The search box background should no longer have an unexpected dark background when using light mode.
  • When you move the keyboard focus to the tab row (with F6), pressing the arrow keys to move the keyboard focus within the row now also focuses on the close button within the tab.
  • When File Explorer is maximized and the taskbar is set to auto-hide, moving the mouse over the bottom of the screen should actually show the taskbar.
  • Fixed a memory leak that occurred when closing Explorer windows.
  • Fixed a GDI object leak that occurred when resizing the Navigation Pane in Explorer, which could cause Explorer content to not display correctly over time for Insiders who frequently resized the Navigation Pane.
  • The taskbar overflow should now follow your accent color, just like the rest of the taskbar, if “Show accent color on Start and taskbar” is enabled under Settings > Personalization > Colors.
  • The applications in the taskbar overflow should now appear in the correct order when using an Arabic or Hebrew display language.
  • When the taskbar is centered and full, the widget entry point is now reduced to a smaller width to give you a little more space on the taskbar.
  • Fixed some issues related to taskbar overflow causing explorer.exe to crash sporadically.