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New features for Windows Autopatch: Participation is made easier

Microsoft has announced news for Windows Autopatch for enterprise customers. The group is also working on launching autopatch for the education sector. Further innovations are expected at Ignite 2022.

The company reports this in a new Post in the tech community. Autopatch is intended to make work easier for administrators by allowing security and maintenance updates to be carried out completely automatically. For this purpose, Microsoft has created a scheme for how the updates are first tested with a small number of connected devices and then gradually released. Windows Autopatch automates the management of updates

Authentication for applications only

One major update now rolling out in response to user feedback is a change in how the service interacts with the tenant. Since August 18, 2022, certificate-based authentication can be used with the Modern Workplace Management app. Microsoft is now simplifying the autopatch process.

According to Microsoft, this certificate-based authentication mechanism ensures that administrators do not have to worry about password rotation, third-party service accounts, and complex conditional access (CA) policies. Microsoft has also simplified the process of post-enrolling device readiness for autopatch.

Devices that do not meet the requirements for Windows Autopatch enrollment now appear in the new Unenrolled tab, while devices with conflicting policies that block receiving updates appear in the Not Ready tab.

If you want to know more about it, you can use the new Autopatch Community to get information. Details for autopatch for education will also be published there shortly. Microsoft is also planning further autopatch announcements as part of the upcoming Ignite conference in October.