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Crayon Stylus receives updates to keep up with the upcoming iPads


New features announced for Crayon Stylus.

Logitech releases an improved version of the Crayon stylus. The new updates are expected to overlap the new iPads.

A few days back Apple announced the arrival of two new iPads with bigger and better displays as well as charging. Additionally, the new iPads will be equipped with M2 chips. Apple plans to introduce a foldable iPad in the future. Moreover, Apple announces the docking accessories for its iPad by 2023. The recent shifts and upgrades align with the market and the competition with the rivals.

The new stylus introduced by Logitech is expected to align with the most recent developments and updates to iPads. It is said that the new stylus cost the same as that of its previous model i.e., $69.95. the upgraded stylus features a USB-C charging port. It is a distinction from lightning. This update gives the change of Lightning to USB-C in the 10th generation of iPad switch.

The recent change to the Crayon stylus signifies that it is based on a sophisticated charging mechanism. It is more convenient compared to Apple’s Pencil which was used with base-level iPad. The Pencil by Apple cost $99. You can charge the Crayon stylus by using the charging cable of your iPad. Thus, indicating that a USB-C-to-lightning adapter is no more required. Furthermore, the second generation of Apple Pencil doesn’t align with the upcoming iPads. Though, the Pencil offers wireless charging.

The product page on Apple’s website reveals that Crayon offers a battery time of up to seven hours on a single charge. It is comparatively less when compared to Apple’s Pencil offering 12 hours. Though, the stylus by Logitech is not equipped with the pressure sensitivity of Apple’s first-party model. But keeping in view the budget-friendly gadgets and tech, such accessories could be worth it.

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