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Cross-app messages between Facebook and Instagram may be coming to an end

The Facebook and Instagram cross-app messaging capability was initially introduced in 2020. Many users loved it because it allowed them to text their Facebook and Instagram pals from either app. As of now, a recent piece of information indicates that the app might soon come to an end.

There are no details on why this feature is ending. The recent information was shared by a tipster named Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter (X). He shared a screenshot that shows that the app will no longer be accessible to users. On October 15, the feature will no longer be available. Do note that the information was shared by the tipster, and there is no official statement from the concerned authorities. The feature may, however, be discontinued given that the update was sent (to Alessandro Paluzzi) via Meta’s Instagram DM.

Irrespective of the fact that there are no official details, the feature might still be coming to an end. Undoubtedly, the feature has benefitted several users in the last three years. Users can utilize either platform to stay updated on all interactions on Facebook and Instagram thanks to this functionality.

Given this feature, users are not required to leave either platform to check messages. Such a feature provided a sense of unity and improved accessibility between the two apps. Several users utilize it on a daily basis. Given this, it might impact some users. Following this, users will be required to switch to either platform in order to check and respond to messages.

One of the possible reasons behind this action might be to avoid regulatory attention that would have an impact on Meta’s companies. Other capabilities that are similar to this one might also be eliminated if this cross-app communication is discontinued. Sharing Stories and other content between platforms is one of these features.

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