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Meta might let you avoid ads on the platform for a fee

Ads take up a significant portion of the social media experience. Depending on what is being offered to you, it can be both a godsend and a curse. You might be able to avoid advertisements when utilizing Meta’s social networking sites if you don’t like viewing them. When using Meta’s social networking platforms, you might be able to skip advertisements, according to The New York Times via The Verge.

Given the lack of information, this is a big if. According to the article, Meta may consider charging customers in Europe so they won’t see ads on Facebook and Instagram. Similar to how YouTube removes ads when you upgrade to Premium, this would

Meta might let you skip on ads

There’s no confirmation of the news, as the leak doesn’t reveal enough information to make an estimate of what the company is trying to do. This might stay in Europe if Meta didn’t aim to bring it there. Other people throughout the world who would gladly pay to avoid viewing advertisements find it a bummer. But there’s a justification.

The EU is enacting stringent data restrictions that prevent major businesses like Meta and TikTok from gathering user data to produce tailored content and ads. TikTok introduced a chronological feed in Europe for this reason.

This might be Meta’s attempt to maintain harmony with the EU regulatory authority. Giving individuals the option to pay to remove ads allows them to opt out of the company’s data collection process.

Because of how vehemently it gathers the data of its customers, Meta has been at odds with the EU for years. By gathering information about its users, the algorithm is better able to target advertisements at consumers who are more inclined to click on them. The more times an advertisement is clicked, the more money Meta makes. We’re not sure if Meta will go through with this at this point. Time will only tell.