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This Cyber Monday, shop but be safe

Cyber Monday

Christmas is around the corner. Black Friday just ended and now consumers are heading towards Cyber Monday. Many internet shoppers are hitting online stores in huge amounts to shop taking advantage of the Cyber Monday sales. It is estimated that about 122 million Americans will take advantage of the online sales today. Retailers are estimated to generate around $3.36 billion in sales this year. People took to social media to talk about the best deals that they have found on the internet. This is the time that small businesses can take advantage of and sell their products.

The best Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday has a lot of items on discount and the online community on social media is going quiet bonkers over this. The discount items include Televisions and computers along with Books, Travel Deals and winter clothing. The travel deals are specifically applicable to airfares to overseas destination.

Online retailers such as GAP, Banana Republic and Chatzky are giving a 50 percent discount on their online merchandise. Does this beat black Friday? Target is offering a 15 percent discount on the purchases made there. You can compare prices and then make your purchases. Be sure to check the prices through Amazon as well.

While, the internet is pretty ecstatic about Cyber Monday the users should be vary of their online privacy. Check for product reviews and be sure to do your homework on it so you don’t purchase fraudulent stuff.

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Also make sure that the computer is protected with the latest security updates. Do not make purchases through public Wi-Fi. The key is to stick to one charge card and make all Cyber Monday purchases through it because in case of fraud it would be easier to detect. The best deals are out there for latest technology so happy shopping!

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