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Headphone by Bragi is the dream wireless headphone

Headphone by Bragi

When Apple killed the headphone jack and introduced airpods, the world lost it. At least, on social media that is. But it gave way to innovation in the market. Not like wireless headphones were an abstract concept before but now, many companies and startups have started towards working a future that is “wireless”. The German startup Bragi has made wireless earbuds that seem terrific. Headphone by Bragi was announced in September. They are $149 and make a perfect Christmas gift for some tech lovin family member.

The Headphone by Bragi is very simple. There is no super tech stuff in it like heart rate monitoring or fitness tracker. But they are wireless and can stream audio from user phone, let users take calls or make calls and let users access the digital phone assistant. So what makes them standout? Well they are superb at audio streaming. The core function of any wireless earphone is audio streaming. Bragi has made a gadget so simple but so unique. The Bluetooth connection between the phone and the earpieces has been mastered. The company made space by getting rid of every sensor and using it simply for the task of audio streaming. It means that there are no hiccups or voice-breaking, the streaming quality in fact is great.

Headphone by Bragi surpasses Apple Airpods

The gadget is sweat proof and light. They are very comfortable to wear and put less weight on the ear canal. Not to mention the sound quality is beyond what any headphone experience you have experienced. The battery life of these headphones is six hours which is not that bad providing they are continuously used for six hours straight. The earphones do not have anything to charge them so you have to put them in the case and let them charge fully before using it. There is no way to retain extra battery life and you have to burn the six hours then charge it.

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There are no touch sensors but buttons through which you can control the device. It takes a little while to get used to them but it isn’t that hard. They have a good microphone and also come in a very fancy looking case.

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