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Dancing Robots Beat Humans: Video Goes Viral

Robots Dancing

The company Boston Dynamics has developed robots that are two-legged and four-legged robots that have danced and beaten humans.

Robots have been taught to dance by Boston Dynamics, a well-known company that makes humanoid robots. In the video, the robots perform dance performances in a highly skilled manner, and the jumping robots move in a way that even an expert dancer cannot. Its viral video has been watched by tens of millions of people. Prior to that, Boston Dynamics robots performed a variety of stunts, inverted jumps, parkers, dishwashers, and door openers.

But this time, she surprised the world by dancing to a famous 1960 song, “Do You Love Me.” This skill of the robot is amazing to see how they maintain their balance.

While watching this video, many times the idea comes up that a person can do great dance moves with such machines, and many times they think of CGI animation. It should be noted that Boston Dynamics has bought a Hyundai car manufacturer for 1.1 billion dollars. Boston Dynamics was founded in 1992 to create the first four-legged robot.


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