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Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Existence Confirmed After Code Leak

Xiaomi Mi 11

Every year Xiaomi usually releases its flagship smartphone in February, but this time the company has accelerated the process and released Xiaomi Mi 11 earlier this week, becoming the first to launch a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor mobile phone manufacturer.

Many people expect that Xiaomi will launch the standard version and the Pro version of Mi 11 at the press conference, but Xiaomi only launched a standard version. However, there is now evidence that Xiaomi is indeed developing a Mi 11 Pro, and it is equipped with a curved display similar to the standard version of Mi 11. The previous reports also claimed that Xiaomi will release the Mi 11 Pro version later after February 12 but that could have been rumored as well.

Mi 11 Pro existence Evidence

Recently, Xiaomi updated the MIUI Gallery app to version XDA senior member and Xiaomi whistleblower kacskrz found evidence of the existence of Mi 11 Pro in the MIUI Gallery source code. A string array named “magic_system_model” in the MIUI Gallery application has been updated to “Mi 11” and “Mi 11 Pro” .

In addition, a class named “CurvedScreenUtil” uses a method named “iscurvedscreen” to check whether the phone is a curved screen, and the result returns a “true” value to confirm that the device has a curved display. The news has already confirmed this.

The news also pointed out that Mi 11 Pro will also support MEMC video frame supplement, video real-time SDR to HDR, and other functions. Since these features were not announced at the press conference earlier this week, they may be exclusive features of the Pro version. There is no information on when Xiaomi will launch the Mi 11 Pro but it was informed earlier it would be released after February 12 festival.