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Dark Souls 3 Vulnerability Cloud Takeover Your Entire Computer

A serious online security issue has forced Dark Souls developers to temporarily disable the games’ PvP servers. The exploit allows attackers to run code on someone else’s PC. The rift can also affect Elden Ring. According to The verge the vulnerability could allow hackers to completely take over a computer. The RCE (Remote Code Execution) exploit was found during a streamer broadcast The grim sleeper deployed.

A hacker managed to end the game and criticize the streamer using PowerShell’s text-to-speech feature. The hacker wanted to point out the vulnerability, which was probably ignored by the developer FromSoftware. The exploit only works in the online mode of the game.

In addition to Dark Souls 3, the first two volumes of Dark Souls and all remastered versions are also affected. Since Elden Ring is based on the same engine, the RCE vulnerability may also be present here. The title will be released on February 25. So far, FromSoftware has not made an official statement about the cause of the vulnerability. The developers behind “Blue Sentinel”, a community-developed anti-cheat solution, have precise details about the vulnerability so that a patch is already integrated into the extension.

PvP servers

Publisher Bandai Namco has said internal teams have been notified of the vulnerability. The operators of the PvP servers have responded and temporarily disabled the multiplayer platform for all PC editions of the Dark Souls series. It is currently unclear when the vulnerability will be fixed and the servers will be available again.