Dell Printer Driver Link Marked As Malware: Driver Download Link Removed

Dell Printer Driver

Recently, there have been reports that certain antivirus products will mark Dell’s printer drivers as malware. It is not clear what the situation is, but Dell has urgently removed the download link. Windows Central quoted Network Security Watch reporter Brian Krebs as saying that everyone should try to avoid installing any driver updates for Dell printers for the time being.

Dell said in a statement to Windows Central : The company’s cybersecurity team has removed the problem-driven files from the publicly accessible resource library and launched an in-depth investigation on the matter. The company is committed to protecting customer information, and the security of the network and products has always been its top priority.

If you are using a Dell printer product, it seems that it is best to temporarily avoid installing any driver updates until the incident marked as malware by the antivirus software is investigated. The following is the checklist on VirusTotal:

The results of Virus Total show that there are already more than 24 anti-virus software engines and malware has been detected in this Dell printer driver update file, including well-known vendors such as Avast, BitDefender, Microsoft Security, and McAfee. All these software marked this driver update as unsafe, and it is generally believed that it has the characteristics of a Trojan horse or general malware. As for whether anyone has attacked, replaced, or tampered with Dell’s file download server, further investigation is still needed to clarify.

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