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Dell to launch notebooks without Microsoft’s security chip Pluton


Dell wants to launch its upcoming notebooks without Microsoft’s new Pluton security chip. The module must not meet the manufacturer’s requirements. Lenovo had previously announced that it did not want to activate the chip in its devices.

Dell had an online magazine The register has communicated that Pluton does not adhere to the group’s approach to hardware security and is not intended to meet the requirements for the most secure commercial PCs. Still, Dell doesn’t want to completely rule out the use of Pluton. The company emphasizes that the technology will be further evaluated and compared with other solutions. The chip is installed in AMD and Qualcomm processors. The chip has not yet been found in Intel CPUs.

Pluton will take over the functions of a classic Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and offer additional functions in the future. Microsoft will offer its own firmware updates so that the keys stored on the chip are better protected. While traditional TPMs are special chips, Pluton is integrated directly into the CPU. However, critics of the technology note that the Redmond-based company only offers many Pluton features with Windows 11 and could block other operating systems.

Lenovo to disable Pluton by default

In addition to Dell, Lenovo has also decided not to enable Pluton in its devices by default. However, with Lenovo, customers should be able to decide for themselves whether they want to use the chip or not. The security chip would be found in most laptops, giving buyers the option to enable Pluton through the BIOS. Microsoft blog


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