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Demand for TV Streaming Services Remains High

Consumers want the content providers to keep on screening the live stream of the TV and film as they love it. This is proved by the new survey from US data and measurement firm named Nielsen.

The survey showed the latest total Audience report, in which the firm indicated that the number of streaming does rise but still 93 percent of respondents would still keep paying for the ones they have paid for or subscribe to others.

All the media and technology investors have a fear that the market is getting too crowded to put up new services. But Nielsen, on the other hand, says that people will not stop signing in.

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According to Nielsen, in 2019 the US audience had an option to choose from 646,000 different titles across traditional broadcast streaming and TV platforms and 10 percent from 2018. Out of those nine percent were available on streaming services like Netflix, Apple Inc’s Apple TV+ or ViacomCBS’s CBS and Walt Disney Co’s Disney+.

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Streaming is very popular among young adults, aged 18-34 years old as per the Nielsen survey. 96 percent subscribe to paid streaming video service as compared to 91 percent among all consumers of all ages.

Nearly half of all consumers and almost half of the consumers aging from 18-34 said that they subscribe to 2-3 or more paid services. This left plenty of room for Comcast’s Peacock streaming service and AT&T owned by WarnerMedia’s HBO max which will be launching this year.

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