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Google Maps now Allow you to Read Restaurant Menus

Google Maps now let users read restaurant menus. The company has upgraded Google Maps and added new features to it in the last couple of years. This included translation functions, ridesharing, and cycling data and augmented reality navigation. Now Google has added an AI-powered lens app into Google Maps.

As per reports, Google Lens is being integrated into Google Maps to allow the customers to scan menus at restaurants and get new options available related to food. Users can use Google Lens to look at the menu without going directly to the restaurant.

If you browse for close by restaurants, you will find an option to view the menu. If you are viewing a photo of the menu you will be able to view an option to “discover dishes” at the bottom of the app.

The match percentage will depict how much your preferences in food match with the restaurant’s style. Each dish is highlighted in Google Lens and facts about the restaurants are shared. Then you can effectively see as to which meal will fit your food craving.

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This is especially advantageous if you are traveling to a new place and are not able to determine what you want to eat on the basis of just names on the menu.

As of now Google Lens feature in Google Maps has been launched on Android phones. Google has to announce when the feature will be available for Apple iPhone users.

To set your food preferences on Google Maps, open the app, tap on the profile icon, click on settings. Scroll down to Exploring Places section and select Food and drink preferences. You can also add dietary preferences button under Dietary preferences.