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Diablo Immortal Generates $1 Million a Day Despite the Controversy

Diablo Immortal is a huge hit as the mobile game has already raised $50 million since its release, or a million a day. A success that is all the more surprising because it has been at the heart of criticism of its economic system.

Diablo Immortal is indeed under fire from critics, but that does not mean that it is a huge success. According to mobilegamer.biz, Blizzard’s mobile title reportedly earned the studio $48.9 million up and running in just over a month. That’s over a million dollars a day! In fact, four days after its release, it peaked at $2.4 million! Note that these figures do not take into account the 30% commissions from Apple and Google stores.

The title has uploaded over 10 million views in the week of release (and 35 million records), both in the AppStore and the PlayStore. A real card! By comparison, Diablo 3 had sold 10 million copies in six weeks and was the most anticipated game in the world at the time. We’re talking about the mobile version here, but the PC version isn’t even counted.

Diablo Immortal is a hit despite its more than a questionable economic model

Diablo Immortal is therefore a successful bet for Blizzard. The title is no longer in the top 10 of most downloaded applications but remains successful. It is about the most cost-effective mobile adaptation of an AAAsurpasses APEX Legends Mobile and its $11.6 million.

In each case, Blizzard has no intention of killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. A lot of content is planned to keep the players and of course to encourage them to spend their money in the online store. Enough to expand the fan base for the arrival of Diablo 4, scheduled for 2023. Diablo Immortal is a good game, that’s for sure. It’s fun, addictive, pleasing to the eye, and perfectly suited for mobile gameplay. However, it has been singled out for its more than a brutal economic system.

To have a higher chance of getting better gear, you need to buy loot boxes If a player wants to be the best on his server, he has to break the bank. In any case, this system is exclusively designed for mobile. Blizzard has already promised that Diablo 4, planned for PC and consoles, will have a more classic economic model.

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