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Diablo Immortal: Players Report Technical Issues on Android and PC

A few days after the release of Diablo Immortal (FAQ overview), players on Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones are reporting compatibility issues and graphical errors. But not everything runs smoothly on the PC either. Publisher Blizzard is working on solutions and asks those affected to be patient for a while.

Obstacles before and after installation

Although Diablo Immortal started relatively easily on iOS devices and there are only a few sound issues, some Android users fail even before installing the game: Diablo Immortal can be played on Xiaomi smartphones in particular often. don’t even download it, although the requirements of processor, graphics chip, and RAM are met and there is sufficient storage space. Complain about the same problem, for example on reddit and also owners of a Samsung mobile device. The latter also encounters obstacles in Diablo Immortal itself: on smartphones with Samsung’s Exynos APU, serious graphic errors can sometimes occur that extend over the entire game. This concerns, for example, the Galaxy S22, S10 or the A51 5G. Blizzard published one on Reddit Partial list of affected devices, although the problems shouldn’t necessarily occur. Nevertheless, the publisher has temporarily blocked the download of Diablo Immortal via the Play Store for the said smartphones.

 Further indicates Blizzard that a patch is being worked on. The causes of the bugs have already been identified, now the implementation of the fixes is pending. However, it is not yet known how long this will last. Affected players are asked to be patient.

The mobile origin is noticeable on the PC

On PC, Diablo Immortal officially started a day later on Thursday night. Blizzard already released one ahead time List of known issues, which the players now confirm. Especially the controls and the user interface are affected. In addition, the first reviews complain that, for example, there is no drag-and-drop operation and the non-adjustable zoom level, which is often experienced as too close.

The latter is necessary on mobile devices with a smaller screen but seems inappropriate on the PC. In general, it often becomes clear that it is a matter of transferring a mobile game, as pointed out Ultimately, though, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Diablo Immortal on PC initially started out as part of an open beta testing phase – issues and discrepancies were foreseen. Blizzard, in turn, is also asking PC players to be patient, appropriate fixes and tweaks are in the works.

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