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Disney+ is planning to hike up the prices once again

Almost every social platform has increased their subscription prices and hiked up almost every paid package that they were providing. Continuing from last year, as we observe the hikes, Disney + has been at the top of that list. Ad-tier from this platform has been increased to 38% as the price increases from $7.99 to $10.99 per month. As per information from Bloomberg, Disney + is all set to hike its prices again.

The latest price hike came along with the latest ad-support tier introduced by the company. These price increases were not popular with everyone, but those in the business world had anticipated them. Although the platform is very popular, it is not very profitable.

Disney+ is all set to hike up its prices again

As much as we are hearing about these hikes, they don’t sound pleasant at all because no one likes price increments. But as we can see, Disney + is planning to hike prices again. As per information from Bloomberg, in a conference that happened earlier this month, Disney CEO Bob Iger stated that the company’s pricing strategy was “off”.

As far as we understand, a reporter explained this statement to be an indication that prices had increased. As stated by Iger, the company will be readjusting the prices according to the planned terms. So, we can really expect hikes in existing prices in the coming days.

We can’t really say when they are going to implement that or how much they are actually planning to increase. We also don’t know if this increase will affect the ad-tier plan or other services, as it did with Hulu. We can relax for now because this plan is not going to be implemented steadily, as the company’s last price hike happened just a couple of months ago. The company will not be implementing the hike sooner as it could result in service cancellations.

As the company is trying to increase its profits, it surely doesn’t want to lose any of its subscribers along the way. According to Antenna reports, 6.2% of users cancelled prior to the price increase. But this hike was dropped to 5% last year in February, which indicated quite fewer cancellations as a result of the price hike. We can only wait for the company to provide an update on the price increases. 

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