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Disney restricts Charter Spectrum subscribers’ access to its channels

Last week, several Charter Spectrum cable users were denied access to several channels from Disney. According to recent pieces of information, users were left frustrated as they missed out on the U.S. Open as well as the opening weekend of college football broadcasts. According to reports, users were denied access to 25 Disney channels due to a contract dispute.

The main problem behind the dispute

In order to keep the prices lower for the 14 million consumers of Charter, the company struck a fresh deal with Disney. The deal included access to Disney+ and ESPN+, the company’s ad-supported streaming services, without additional charges. Charter’s CEO agreed on increased charges, but unfortunately, the two companies didn’t end up with a deal on the streaming access terms.

Such a failure brought disappointment to Charter Spectrum. The company accuses Disney of forcing Charter Spectrum consumers to pay hefty subscription charges even if they are not interested in such subscription services. Besides this, the company assumes that its proposed model offers a better plan for consumers.

Spectrum asserts that they offered Disney a fair deal, and irrespective of this, the company is demanding an extra increase. Spectrum is on your side, working to defend and increase customer choice while battling to keep costs low. We are working hard to maintain the programming fees imposed on us by businesses like Disney because they are the single biggest contributor to higher cable TV pricing.

Disney’s response

In response to this situation, Disney states that their offer was denied by Charter. The company asserts that it came forward with a creative proposal and suitable terms in order to continue providing its streaming services to Spectrum consumers. In addition to this, Disney shared that it is collaborating with several pay-TV providers across the country. Furthermore, Disney clarified that it is in talks with Charter Communications.

Although there is a problem, Disney said in a news statement that they are “ready to get back to the discussion board to reestablish access to our unmatched content for consumers as soon as possible.”

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