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DJI OM 6 leaked: Two new smartphone gimbals – now with a zoom wheel

After the Avata drone and the DJI Osmo Action, 3 action camera are positioned as a competitor to the GoPro Hero11, DJI will soon also be launching the DJI OM 6 gimbal. We have official pictures in advance – and pictures of a second new DJI gimbal positioned as an entry-level model.

The DJI OM 6, formerly known as DJI Osmo Mobile 6, new smartphone gimbal gets a completely revised design and a new color. While DJI still offered the previous model in several colors, there is probably only a single, dark gray variant in this model generation.

DJI has obviously tried to make the design even more compact with the new model. For this purpose, the geometry of the foldable gimbal arm is revised again and the position of the hinge also changes slightly. However, another detail that is much more interesting is shown in the official pictures of the DJI OM 6 that we have.

New zoom and focus wheel

DJI has not only revised the positions of the controls but also integrated an additional rotary wheel on the left side of the housing. This should enable precise adjustments of zoom and focus. DJI describes the operation of the side wheel as intuitive and simple. As before, the additional equipment includes 3-axis stabilization, and thanks to ActiveTrack 5.0, the respective subject should always be tracked from a distance and be in the middle of the picture, even if it is rotating.

Apart from that, the visual changes are limited, with DJI now changing the battery status indicator and placing it in a black stripe below the gimbal arm mount, along with the button to switch to manual mode.

Maximum 6.5 hours of battery

The battery of the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 has a capacity of 1000mAh and is said to offer a runtime of almost 6.5 hours. After just under 1.5 hours, the device is fully charged again. The weight of the gimbal itself is given as 309 grams, while the magnetic clamp weighs 31 grams, so the total package without the smartphone weighs 340 grams. According to the manufacturer, the smartphone used can weigh up to 290 grams.

New entry-level gimbal DJI OM SE for 100 euros

In addition to the DJI OM 6, we also have product images of a new, significantly cheaper DJI gimbal, which will be called DJI OM SE or DJI Osmo Mobile SE. The device will come without the extendable part integrated into the OM 6 and obviously as some kind of cheaper version marketed. You have to do without the zoom wheel here.

The integrated battery offers 2600mAh and should allow up to eight hours of running time. According to the manufacturer, the battery is fully charged again after a good two hours. The DJI OM SE alone weighs 352 grams. Together with the magnetic mobile phone holder, it is 383 grams.

Here, too, the smartphone used on the gimbal can weigh a maximum of 290 grams. The new gimbal called DJI OM SE is priced well below the OM 6. According to our information, the new DJI OM 6 should cost 179 euros, while the cheaper new model will be available at the market launch for 109 euros.

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