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Apple Watch Ultra Tested With Hammer And Dive Chamber

The Apple Watch Ultra is aimed at people who like to push the limits. But how quickly does the outdoor smartwatch with its high price and high demands in terms of robustness reach its limit? The net enjoys really maltreating the Ultra watch.

Apple Watch Ultra: How Ultra is the new outdoor watch really?

999 euros: That’s what Apple wants for its new Apple Watch Ultra. What at first glance looks like a very high price is put into perspective when you take a closer look at the target group: extreme athletes and divers who are used to spending a lot of money on specialized equipment.

What do you expect in return? Perfect function and robustness that goes well beyond normal Apple Watches. Exactly these properties are now being put to the test by industrious testers with interesting methods. Two of them answer particularly burning questions.

The triathlete and YouTuber Ray Maker aka DC Rainmaker makes a very interesting contribution to the network reports (via Apple Insider). He regularly reports on technology aimed at runners, cyclists, and swimmers or divers. Like dcrainmaker in blog post writes about his test video, he had a small pressure chamber made for depth testing a decade ago.

The Apple Watch was also allowed to prove itself in this. The result: Technically, there is nothing wrong with the capabilities of the Apple Watch Ultra as a dive watch – the watch is certified for a depth of 100 meters, and the software is designed for a depth of 40 meters.

However: Apple’s own app “Depth” does not have the skills that are required for safe diving. As Marker describes, the Apple Watch is completely dependent on the third-party app Oceanic+ for this function, which was presented together with the watch and is scheduled for release in the fall. Cost: a subscription for $79 per year. So how does the Apple Watch Ultra compare to the competition from Garmin in this area? Until the Oceanic+ app is released, it’s hard to tell how the different products will compare here, Maker said

Hit It With Hammer Are You Serious?

YouTuber TechRax tackles the Apple Watch in a different area. This is of interest to all users but is particularly important where the Apple Watch encounters hard surfaces unprotected: the durability of the titanium case and the protective glass on the display.

The watch survived a fall onto a concrete floor with small scratches on the case. A round of shaking in a jar with screws left no further marks.

In the end, the hammer test remained. The YouTuber was able to hit the display a total of 12 times with increasing strength and finally very powerful swings before it wouldn’t start anymore – but without appearing damaged on the outside. With a few more very strong hits he was able to crack the glass.

Of course, it remains to be seen how a hammer blow translates to real outdoor life. Apple’s efforts to make the Watch Ultra robust have definitely been successful.

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