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“Double click, tab close” a latest feature to be introduced on Google Chrome

Google Chrome is working on a new feature that will let users close active tabs immediately. This feature is currently in development, and we don’t know anything about its release.

In the list of web browsers, Google Chrome is one of the best engines for incredible performance, security, and extensions. The biggest drawback of this browser has always been its voracious CPU and RAM use.

Chrome offers the best solutions for efficient browsing and makes the interface very user-friendly. It provides various shortcuts for taking immediate action. For closing an active tab, you can use Ctrl+w as a shortcut or the x icon beside the tab name. Both of these options sound convenient until the situation requires closing many tabs at once. Google is planning to provide a solution for this issue.

Google Chrome now has a new shortcut to close active tabs

As per information from Android Police, one of their users was able to figure out a mouse shortcut for Google Chrome. This feature was discovered in Chrome Gerrit and allows users to close an active tab with a double click. The feature is amazing and can impact your browsing on a large scale if shifted to a stable Chrome version.

Microsoft Edge users started the discussion on a double-click action for closing tabs in a web browser in the Edge Insider support forum. Edge users asked for a double-click method to close open tabs back in 2020. Naturally, several people complained that this function would harm their web browsing experience because it made it more likely that a tab would be mistakenly closed.

Such a function is not yet available in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, but Google seems more likely to add it to their browser. Those who are impatient for the feature can close their tabs with a double-click by installing the Chrome extension “Double Click Closes Tab,” just as the name suggests. Further features that this extension offers include the ability to double-click while holding down the shift key to reopen a tab that was inadvertently closed.

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