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Dr. Disrespect case ends in enigmatic settlement

The streamer Guy Beahm aka Dr. Disrespect is one of the best-known representatives of his guild. But nearly two years ago, Twitch fired him almost overnight. And after an agreement, we’ll never know what really happened. In the summer of 2020, Dr. Disrespect was fired from Twitch shortly after closing a multi-million dollar exclusive deal with the Amazon platform.

That was, of course, extremely unusual. Stranger still, in the weeks and months that followed, no information as to why was ever revealed. This also meant that a blame game was impossible. Beahm himself also claimed that for a long time he did not know what led to his eviction. However, that should have changed last summer, because the streamer sued his former employer. During that time he also published a Video in which he shared that he’s known for a while why this happened and that’s why he’s mercilessly suing Twitch (“blaming them”).

Dr. Disrespect at the time: “The Twitch ban really touched us. Not just from a financial point of view, but from that of the network, of all the relationships we’ve built over the past five years with Activision and EA, so all the major sponsors because they had to ask us, ‘Why were you banned?'”

no misconduct

After that, however, the matter remained silent. Dr. Disrespect is now mainly on YouTube and has about 3.8 million subscribers there. But now Beahm has published a tweet titled “Moving on” (meaning “I’m moving on”), drawing a line. The attached image goes on to say, “I’ve settled my legal dispute with Twitch. Neither side admits they’ve done anything wrong.” The nearly identical statement was also made by Twitch, and the game streaming site admits no errors either. And that probably means we’ll never know what really happened.


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