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New Code Name for Xbox “Keystone” ignites Wild Speculation

A code name is often enough to stimulate the imagination of many fans. In the case of “Keystone”, it is currently only known that it has something to do with Xbox. However, what is completely unclear. Nevertheless, it now happily speculates what or which console might be meant by it. Code is not only necessary for the operation of certain products, it is also a treasure trove for so-called data miners. They search the code looking for information about new hardware or software.

Developer Tero Ahonen has now also succeeded in this. Because it tracked down a new Xbox product name “Keystone”. There is no doubt that this is an Xbox product, which is apparent from the code entry or file name. The position also allows for speculation as entries for Durango and Scarlett are listed just above “Product_Xbox_Keystone”. Xbox connoisseurs will identify these as the codenames of the two previous consoles, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

What is Keystone?

It is therefore not difficult to speculate in the direction of a successor or cloud-based console. But that is nothing more than speculation at the moment because there are no other indications. It’s also conceivable that this is a revision of current console models, so it’s a slightly modified edition of either Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X (without a disc drive).

However, it’s also possible that this is actually Microsoft’s next console. Because the code name alone doesn’t reveal anything. It can take years from the codename assignment to the start of development, not to mention the release of the (possible) device. Because the current Xbox Series X/S was of course released less than a year and a half ago and is still anything but easy to get. Thinking about a successor is possible, but also not really useful.


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