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Activision Blizzard boss has a new task

For the controversial boss of the games group Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick, the planned acquisition by Microsoft does not entail any significant risks. Should he lose his post as a result, he will be amply compensated. Like from a current report According to Activision Blizzard’s filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Kotick has been promised a generous stock bonus payment worth approximately $22 million if he implements and promotes corporate culture changes by July. At this point, there was massive criticism of the company’s boss for months.

However, the requirements of the Supervisory Board are not exactly associated with a feat of strength that could only be achieved with great effort. Essentially, Kotick is responsible for ensuring that management adopts a zero-tolerance plan against bullying and discrimination and hiring more women and non-binary people in the coming years.

Well protected with fears

In this regard, it can be considered a so-called “golden parachute”. This refers to actual compensation payments that are intended to ensure that a manager initiates the desired processes in his company, which will then likely lead to his own job being lost. The stock bonus would then be paid in addition to $15 million in compensation, which is earmarked anyway in case the Activision Blizzard boss doesn’t stay at his post after a Microsoft takeover.

The colossal additional amount is also an incentive to prepare the company for the transition under the Microsoft umbrella. Because the software group has been pursuing a very diverse personnel policy for years, the gaming group has received a lot of criticism in this area.