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Dubai students invented the clothes to protect humans from WiFi radiations

Students from a School in Dubai have invented clothes which protect people from the “harmful radiation” caused by WiFi.

A group of students from the Gems Our Own English High School Dubai has displayed its project at this year’s Global Innovation Challenge.

The Grade 9 students Abigale Kyra, Teresa Susan, Karuna Narendra Hirani and Simran Bhagchandani said that their project called WiFine. The students were inspired by warnings from many IT experts about the harmful electromagnetic radiations produced by WiFi as “serious health risk”.

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The micro-fabricated chips installed on the clothes protects humans from the injurious radiations. “The radiations produced by the WiFi are very harmful to human’s body and can cause many serious diseases including brain tumor, cancer, and sleeping problems. That’s why we came up with the solution,” said Kyra.

“We have started our own clothing line called WiFine Collection, where we provide the clothes with the microchips installed on it which keeps us safe from the radiations in a fashionable way,” she added.

More than 200 students from across the country have showcased their projects at the Global Innovation Challenge held by Singularity University and Gems Education. The projects were developed to solve the world’s most pressing issues.

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