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DuckDuckGo Also Integrates AI DuckAssist Into Their Search Engine

After Microsoft equipped its search engine with AI functions, the developers of DuckDuckGo are now integrating an assistant into their products. As soon as a question is entered into the search bar, the site suggests DuckAssist answer it.

This was announced by the team behind the search engine designed for data protection in a blog entry. DuckAssist evaluates a query entered in natural language and then creates a summary of the information found. In addition to the assistant, the developers plan to add a number of other AI-based functions to the DuckDuckGo search engine and web browser in the coming months.

DuckAssist uses Wikipedia

In contrast to ChatGPT and GPT-3, DuckAssist does not access a large number of data sets, but only a specific group of sources. The program mainly uses Wikipedia to get information. Nevertheless, DuckAssist should be useful for getting summaries. Of course, there are no costs for using the function. Furthermore, it is not necessary to register and provide personal data.

DuckAssist is currently only available as a beta version. The tool is currently only available in English and is not offered on the standard search engine page. Instead, the chatbot only appears in the browsing apps for iOS, Android, and Mac, as well as in combination with the extensions for the Firefox, Chrome, and Safari web browsers. If no problems arise during the test phase, the feature should also be extended to the normal DuckDuckGo page.

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