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DuckDuckGo blocks Google pop-ups

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The search engine, DuckDuckGo, announces a new feature for its users. this browser is most commonly related to data protection. Since it provides privacy. The latest feature announced by DuckDuckGo is related to the general pop-ups that website users encounter mostly. One is the Sign in using the Google account.

DuckDuckGo has mentioned various websites that present users with pop-ups from Google. These sites include Zillow, Booking.com, and Reddit. Such pop-ups by Google are shown upon the initial loading of the website.

The company has mentioned that the latest version of its mobile app or other browser extensions [Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and Edge] on the app will save users from such prompt messages. The company regarded such pop-ups as distracting and deceptive. Through this step, the company aims to provide its users with a more privacy-centered and better experience. The company has regarded the latest updates on the app more than just the exclusion of irritating pop-ups.

There is a law that protects the users against the compilation of internet data like cookies, browsing history, and others by the sites. To advocate this point the company stated that when a user permits Google to connect their account, they are put under tracking by Google. Most users are not even aware that they are being tracked.

DuckDuckGo assumes that Google might be selling the collected information to web developers. Such an exchange of information permits the developers to present the audiences with more targeted and appropriate ads. In this way, the websites earn good revenue. As a result, Google might be fetching huge sums of data from users.

The latest upgrade by DuckDuckGo will soon be introduced on the Android as well as the iOS versions of the browser. Moreover, it will also be introduced for desktop web browsers as well. Furthermore, we can expect such upgrades to the macOS app and Windows app. Both these are currently in the public beta stage. It may require some weeks to reach out to audiences.

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