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Google Chrome may soon share RAM consumption per tab

We usually keep on complaining about the memory usage of Chrome, but the fact is that it is one of the best browsers. Following the launch of Chrome 108, Google has made some major amendments to its Chrome browser in order to cope with these critics. It has rolled out some of its best features, like a memory saver that is capable of reducing RAM usage and will also increase battery life. Now that battery issues are resolved, Chrome is all set to sort out these memory issues.

RAM consumption per tab

In the current version, memory saver works by telling you the memory that got after closing a tab. This latest feature is available on Chrome 110, and you can see it on your browser. Latest information is found out by Chrome experts and Android police via Leopeva64 on Twitter. A latest chromium Gerrit commit depicts the latest feature that it would be able to show you the memory usage of each tab individually. It will show you the memory usage while you put the cursor on it.

To examine per-tab RAM consumption data, press Shift + Esc or open Chrome’s built-in task manager by selecting the three-dot menu -> Additional tools -> Task manager. Although the interface also displays network and CPU consumption for each tab, it is much more practical to hover the cursor over the tab. There will still be specific uses for the task manager, but you shouldn’t have to guess if you’re trying to handle multiple tabs on a worn-out Chromebook.

It may be some time until we see the feature, even in Chrome Beta, as the comments on the GitHub issue still seem to indicate that it is imperfect overall. After updating to Chrome 110, if you don’t have one of the top Chromebooks or a powerful computer, you can let Memory Saver handle everything in the background. We probably won’t learn more about this feature until the Chrome 112 beta release, which is scheduled for March 9. Chrome 111 just launched in the stable channel on March 1. Until then, if you need tab-specific statistics, the task manager is always available.

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