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E-sports-your college approved skill


E-sports are a fairly new concept in the sports world. Not like people deny the importance of it but never have they really considered it a real sport. However, with all the e-sports tournaments there is no denying the money it pulls in and gives out. For people who are into gaming there is now an e-sports college course available that will provide you training. If people on an online gaming forum tell you to “level up your game” then  you can actually tell them that you  did at college.

Jikei Group is a professional institute that runs college level training throughout Japan. The company plans to deliver a course in competitive gaming in Osaka. The duration for the game is three years. So, is it time to fly over to Japan and get a professional training in e-sports? The benefits of the course besides being good at gaming include honing students playing skills, it sharpens their reflexes and event teaches the students how to handle interviews in the media.

E-sports are very common and popular in China and Japan

According to school officials and course description, the students are to attend 900 hours of classes each year that will cost around 1.52 million yen (around $13, 400) in tuition fee annually. There is a dedicated e-sports department in Osaka Communication Arts College in the city’s Nishi Ward that is going to be teaching the course.

The group has established another school in Tokyo in April 2016, so this is technically not the first e-sports school or course. “We train students with the same thinking as professional athletes,” a spokesperson said.

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Statistically speaking the competitive video gaming scene has 292 million followers online and on television. It brings in about $500 million in annual revenue according to data sources from Newzoo. The market is booming in Asia where World Electronic Sports Games was held in China that offered $5.5 million to the winner. We’re talking really money here.

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