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E-System Aimed at Making Hajj and Umrah Procedures Easy

As per one of the officials of Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah the pilgrims can now finalize their relative e-system booking procedures for Hajj and Umrah via the approved Hajj offices of their respective countries.

He mentioned that the ministry is actively working to acquire the required transparency procedure for the pilgrims at all the levels and types. The electronic system would also be showing the incurred costs of the Hajj services.

The ministry has moved its working procedures to the unified electronic system and is keeping a feedback on the service from the service providers and recipients. He further added that the e-system would be facilitating the pilgrims on every level and would seek to provide maximum efficiency to the pilgrims for their arrival and departure as well as for the services given during their stay in the Kingdom.

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The official further revealed that the integrated e-system would not just be showing the Hajj visas but would also be showing the services related to it like housing during the pilgrims stay in Saudi Arab, transportation, and food. All would be displayed with clarity to the possible pilgrims while they would still be in their home countries.

He said that the Ministry would be able to keep a check on the registered services and can immediately take an action in case of any negligence or violation of the signed documents.

Dr. Abdulfattah Bin Sulaiman Mushat—Deputy Hajj Minister supported the introduction of functions and the workshop help under the motto of “integration and excellence” for the integrated electronic system. The workshop was held in Makkah at the Hilton Hotel, it was clearly focused on improving the levels of preparations for the new Hajj season in accordance with the Saudi Vision of 2030.

He emphasized on the need of improving the e-system service provided to the pilgrims and to make the Hajj and Umrah rituals more easy and comfortable for all the Muslims of the world.

Dr. Mushat said that the workshop was focused on strategies and contracts before and after the pilgrims’ arrival, while the work plan addresses the present challenges, systems, and offered solutions as well the results and suggestions acquired through discussions and comments.

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