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Five things you should avoid while using public Wi-Fi

During the shopping or traveling, everyone wants to use the free public Wi-Fi. Imagine, you are at your favorite coffee shop having a cup of coffee and using a high-speed free internet, one of the best moments of your life. But, as soon as you connect to the public Wi-Fi at any public place, the internet connection starts fetching the personal information on your mobile unknowingly and making your device vulnerable to hacking.

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind while using public Wi-Fi.

Do not Login to your email accounts or bank accounts

You can use public Wi-Fi to browse the different websites or to read anything online, but do not use the public Wi-Fi to log in to your personal email account or bank accounts. The Wi-Fi router can track your browser activity or keyboard activity. By getting access to your email account hackers can easily reset any service you are using your email address.

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Never shop online

If you want to shop anything online, you are required to enter your bank details into your browsers, so we recommend you to avoid this exercise. Don’t put your personal bank account details on risk by shopping online while using Public Wi-Fi.

Do not save any password

Do not save or remember password on any website you are accessing while using public Wi-Fi. You should avoid the websites which required you to log in first.

Use secure Network

We recommend you to avoid the public Wi-Fi, always use secure connections. It will keep your personal information secure and do not let the hackers to misuse your details.

Do not keep Wi-Fi always on

The safest ways to keep yourself secure from the cyber-attacks is to keep your Wi-Fi turned off when you are not using it. Make it your habit to keep your Wi-Fi turned off when you don’t need it. It will keep you safe from the cyber-attacks and helps you to save your battery life.

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