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EA Hacked: Source Code Of FIFA 21 And Battlefield Stolen


Hackers have succeeded in gaining access to Electronic Arts (EA) internal servers and stealing data on a large scale. Among other things, code from titles such as FIFA 2021 and the Frostbite engine used in the Battlefield series ended up in the hands of the attackers.

As reported by BBC, EA has since confirmed that extensive internal data was tapped by third parties during a hacker attack. Previously, posts had appeared in certain forums according to which a group of attackers had gained access to EA internals.

A way has been found to attack all EA services and thus gain access. Among other things, the source code of FIFA 21 and its matchmaking server were accessed in this way. In addition, the source code and tools of the Frostbite engine were downloaded by the hackers. Frostbite can be found in various EA games, including the Battlefield series.

Hundreds of GB data stolen

In addition, EA’s proprietary frameworks and software development kits (SDKs), as well as code packages for more efficient game development, have been stolen. A total of around 780 gigabytes of data were stolen from the gaming giant’s servers, at least that’s what the attackers claimed. These are now available for purchase in various relevant forums.

EA has now confirmed that the list of stolen data in the hacking forums matches the data stolen from the group’s servers. It is investigating unauthorized access to the internal networks, in which a “limited amount” of source code and associated tools were stolen, the company said in an initial statement.

The attackers never had access to the data of the players of EA titles. No further impact on EA’s business and financial condition is expected, the publisher said. In the meantime, the case is also being investigated by the relevant law enforcement authorities.

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