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EA: Publisher looking for buyer or partner

The takeover fever in the games industry strikes in a different way: EA is looking for a potential buyer or a merger partner. The project has so far been unsuccessful, but the game publisher is said to be constantly on the lookout. ‘Electronic Arts’ has interviewed numerous candidates from the media industry in recent years. Among them were Disney, Apple, and Amazon, reports Dylan Byers on the news page puck. According to internal sources, the company is “permanently” on the lookout.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, which was lucrative for shareholders, reinforced this attitude. In comparison, EA would almost be a bargain: the market value is currently “only” around $ 36.77 billion. Byers’ sources disagreed on whether to seek a buyer or, more likely, a partner in a merger that will retain EA CEO, Andrew Wilson. Conversations with NBC Universal However, a merger of the two companies failed due to disagreements over details and the value of the partners to be awarded. There are currently no other potential partners in sight.

After the wave of takeovers in recent months, EA is not the only publisher considering a sale. Ubisoft no longer categorically excludes such an option. Both companies are currently grappling with challenges that don’t make a sale unreasonable. EA has broadened after the purchase of Codemasters but has lost exclusive rights in recent years.

Star Wars games are now allowed to be built by other developers and FIFA will in the future be called EA Sports FC. Whether the series will continue to be profitable in the future is likely, but not certain. In addition to financially lucrative projects such as Apex Legends, there is also Battlefield 2042, which is damaging the reputation of its brand with missing features and bugs.