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Edge Passwords Can Be Synchronized With Microsoft Authenticator App

Microsoft Authenticator App

The Redmond group Microsoft has released a new update for the Android version of the authenticator app. With the new version of the application, users have the option of synchronizing their passwords stored in the Edge browser with other platforms.

That comes from a report from Windows Blog Italia and MSPoweruser. The latest beta build of Microsoft Authenticator for Android is version 6.2012.8268. In addition to some bug fixes and minor improvements, the Redmond-based company has equipped the tool with a new feature for transferring passwords.

Passwords are suggested directly

The function makes it possible to transfer passwords between different devices that are linked to the same Microsoft account. Passwords entered on the desktop computer are automatically suggested on the smartphone.

The function is still being tested

However, users of the app should note that the feature is currently still being tested. At the moment, the function should only come to light for some of the users. This means that not all users of the beta version have the chance to use the new feature and exchange the passwords saved in the Edge browser.

In order to be able to use the added synchronization function, the latest beta version of the Microsoft Authenticator must be downloaded. The installation can be carried out as usual via the Google Play StoreThis page should be accessed to register for the beta program. The regular version is available here.