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Microsoft Edge Browser Now Offers Different Accent Colors

Edge accent colors

The Chromium version of Microsoft Edge has received another update. The browser now has different accent colors that can be selected in the settings. This means that the program can be designed much more personalized in the future.

For some time now, the Edge browser has been able to set its own themes. The Microsoft product has now been expanded to include simple accent colors. As Windows Latest writes, the feature has been built into the latest Canary version of Edge. The accent colors can be selected via the “Appearance” submenu of the browser settings. Of course, the selected color can be removed at any time.

Activation of the flag option required

However, the new feature has not yet appeared automatically. In order to be able to use the accent colors, and the experimental flag option must first be activated. The corresponding menu can be called up by entering “edge: // flags” in the address bar of the browser. Then the option “Enable picker for color-based themes” should be set to “Enabled”. After restarting the application, the accent colors can finally be found in the settings of the Edge browser.

If you want to try out the latest Canary build yourself, you can use the browser on this official Microsoft website download. The browser is now available not only for Windows systems but also for macOS and Linux. The latest Canary build is version 89.0.731.0. In addition to the canary channel, which is updated daily, the dev and beta channels are of course still available.

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