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Electric scooter ‘Like 125 EV’ starts for 1200 euros In Europe


Kymco is a giant in the scooter business in its home country Taiwan. Now the company has announced a new model and also has the prospect of a start on the European market. The small price tag makes the e-scooter with a replacement battery very attractive.

Replacement battery also included

The approach taken by Kymco and its Like-Rollers is clear: The company is committed to offering affordable, low-consumption vehicles with these models. The Like 125 EV is the electrified version of one of the most successful roller models, an update has now been announced for 2022, which will also come to the European market. Probably the most important selling point: Loud Ride Apart one of the cheapest e-scooters ever will be offered at a price of 1200 euros.

The engine of the remodeled Like 125 EV has an output of 3200 watts, which corresponds to around 4.3 hp, the torque of 124 Nm, which is applied to the rear wheel, but should still provide decent acceleration compared to gasoline-powered models. The drive train is primarily supplied by two exchangeable batteries, Kymco relies on the company’s own Ionex technology and a capacity of 650 Wh each.

As Electrek explained, the two main power storage units are then supplemented by a built-in battery in the scooter. It offers another 550 Wh capacity and is tapped as soon as the replacement batteries are used up. Kymco says that instead of a helmet there is space for three more batteries in the 27 liter storage space under the seat. Equipped in this way, you can calculate a total range of almost 200 km.

Great features

The new Like 125 EV model also offers limited smart functions. The scooter connects to smartphones and provides information such as charge status and speed via a corresponding app. The scooter itself also has a display for navigation.