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Elon Musk calls on US authorities to investigate Twitter

Elon Musk is still eager to clarify the history of fake accounts on Twitter and now counts on the support of the US authorities. In a tweet, which could just as easily be a joke, the billionaire called on the SEC, the US market regulator, to take a closer look at Twitter’s statements.

Not a day goes by that another Elon Musk joke is a twist in the Twitter takeover affair. Yesterday, the businessman said the deal will not go through until the company reveals exactly how many fake accounts it has. This question has been at the center of the dispute between the two parties since last week. Twitter claims that only 5% of active accounts are bots, Elon Musk replies that it is at least 20%.

The billionaire’s supporters have also expressed disappointment at the fact that several people are seeing the takeover of the platform on hiatus. One user said: “The SEC should investigate whether Twitter’s claims are true. If it turns out that Twitter has officially lied, serious consequences and great distrust from investors are to be expected.”

Elon Musk Calls On The SEC To Help With Its Investigation

As a reminder, the SEC, or Securities and Exchange Commission, is the organization responsible for monitoring and regulating the US markets. It is therefore directly involved in acquisitions of the magnitude of that of Twitter. At the moment, however, she doesn’t seem to have any comments. This is exactly what Elon Musk noted.

In response to the above tweet, the billionaire directly challenged the SEC with the question, “Is anyone there?”, explicitly asking the organization for help in its investigation into the fake Twitter accounts. A somewhat ironic request, the report on the tumultuous relationship between the SEC and Elon Musk. Indeed, the latter did not hesitate to call the organization’s employees “bastards” in the past.

Due to the frequent interventions of the SEC in the affairs of the billionaire and in particular Tesla, he hesitated therefore not to qualify the organization with multiple bird names and make the subject of some serious jokes of which he is the secret. It is also very likely that this call of the foot is exactly a joke. As always it is best to keep the statements by Elon Musk on Tweeter afterwards.