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No included charger: Samsung and Apple are now threatened with new lawsuits


The fact that Samsung, like Apple, has now refrained from including a power supply with many smartphones is apparently causing huge problems with consumer protection groups for the two mobile phone manufacturers. Hundreds of procedures are being prepared in Brazil. if Telecom paper reports, a large number of consumer protection groups in Brazil are currently preparing legal action against the two companies, as neither Samsung nor Apple supply power adapters for charging the smartphone’s integrated battery with their products.

A total of 900 branches of the Brazilian consumer protection organization Procon are currently planning to start proceedings against Samsung and Apple, according to a secretariat responsible for consumer protection of the Brazilian Ministry of Justice.

Previously imposed fines on Samsung & Apple

However, the action by consumer protection organizations in Brazil does not mean that the two major smartphone makers will be immediately fined. Instead, they are first given the opportunity to explain what they are doing and to offer the affected customers compensation or other corrective action before any actual sanctions are imposed. Both Samsung and Apple have already had to pay fines for not supplying the supplied power adapters.

Both companies in the Fortaleza region of Brazil had to pay the equivalent of five million euros in fines because authorities there considered proving that they were harming consumers’ interests by not using a power supply. With the iPhone 12 series, Apple was the first smartphone manufacturer to no longer supply its devices with a supplied power supply. Samsung followed the example of the American group with the Galaxy S21 and has since renounced the supplied power supplies, especially with the more expensive models from its line-up. The reason given by both companies is the desire to reduce the amount of electronic waste to promote environmental protection.

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