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Disney+ with advertising: New subscription model leaked

Early this year it was announced that the streaming service Disney+ was planning to take out a cheaper subscription that would be cross-financed by advertisements. Now the first details have been leaked and a launch date for the US. That reports that Variety online magazine about the plans. The annual subscription to Disney+ in Central Europe currently costs 90 euros per year or 9 euros per month. There are no different subscriptions yet, but that should change.

Disney+ is alternatively planning a cheaper subscription, in which the user will see advertisements. The idea is not new. The first carriers in the US have already moved to the ad-funded model as an additional subscription offering. Hulu has been experimenting with this for a while and Disney+ wants to do the same. Until now, little was known about what it would all look like. US media outlets such as Variety and the Wall Street Journal are now reporting that the company has scheduled four minutes of advertising for every 60 minutes of streaming time.

The competition is similar: NBCUniversal’s Peacock promised no more than five minutes of advertising per 60 minutes, while HBO Max is four minutes of advertising per hour. When it comes to advertising itself, Disney+ categorically excludes some categories. This includes ads for alcohol, politics, or streaming competitors. The ad-funded subscription will launch in the US later this year. All this new information would come from an internal source within the group. When asked if these numbers were correct, Disney+ did not comment.

For Disney, the advertising should stick more

Disney executives seem very excited about the ad-supported project and have high hopes. “An ad-supported tier on Disney+ gives us the opportunity to reach an even wider audience as we expand Disney+ across multiple price points,” Disney CEO Bob Chapek said in a recent presentation to investors. “And when we use some of our other services, we see that an ad-supported service has an added value that allows us to keep the price lower. This is, of course, offset by the additional revenue we generate per user from ad spend. “would.” Disney+ now as a monthly or annual subscription

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