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Elon Musk files complaint against Twitter for daring to sue him

The circle is complete: Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, is at the center of a legal saga with the social network Twitter. While he is being sued for failing to meet his obligations, the Tesla boss has decided to take the lead by filing a complaint against Twitter with the Delaware District Court. The love story between Twitter and Elon Musk did not last long.

Deciding for a few months to buy the social network Twitter, the Tesla boss withdrew: in the end, the agreement did not materialize, as we had already expected. As a result, the platform accuses the American billionaire of waiving his buyout obligation. The company therefore logically took the matter to court, except that instead of defending itself, Elon Musk would in turn have decided to file a complaint against Twitter in the Delaware District Court.

This counter-offensive is well calculated, as it takes place just days after the date of the lawsuit filed by Twitter has been formalized. It is certainly the beginning of a long legal epic that we will follow for you. As a reminder, the two sides will have their first meeting on October 17. In the meantime, it should be noted that this complaint from Elon Musk has not been made public, it has remained confidential until now.

But the latter’s argument is said to be based on false information sent by Twitter. According to our source, once the billionaire’s offer was accepted, the social network allegedly passed out erroneous figures about the site’s redeemable users. Elon Musk would put forward the argument that Twitter lied about the number of redeemable users.

Elon Musk responds to Twitter’s complaint by taking turns filing a complaint

It all started in April when the American billionaire decided against all odds to take over Twitter for a nice amount of 44 billion euros. At the time, nothing predicted the legal saga we know today. But in July, Elon Musk will pull out, believing he’s been fooled by the Twitter company.

The San Francisco-based company’s numbers on automated accounts and spam are inaccurate, he said. A turnaround of the jacket that Twitter wasn’t happy with, which filed a lawsuit in the Delaware District Court on July 12. The idea is to force the largest fortune in the world to respect its commitment. In the absence of redemption, the social network would in any case collect damages from Elon Musk for unilateral breach of contract.

The company, in turn, denies any allegations about the numbers it allegedly provided, claiming that less than 5% of active account holders are not authentic. Enough to convince Elon Musk? Not sure, because to everyone’s surprise, he too filed his complaint against Twitter, still in Delaware court. It must be said that the social network is going through a rather delicate period with declining titles and declining advertising revenue. This other affair is likely to tarnish his image inside a bit for a few months.

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