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Why Email Marketing is Still Cheaper and Most Effective Marketing Tool

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Social Media may have taken the world by storm but it still cannot beat Email marketing. Every shrewd marketer will agree with that. Social media provides you an access to people’s timelines but who knows they have viewed your brilliant ad or just scrolled down. In any case, you should not prioritize social media on the cost of email marketing. It is still relevant, cheaper and most effective marketing tool in the industry. Here are few factors which validate our point of view:

Email Outclasses Social Media in Numbers

Email accounts are three times more than the combined Facebook and Twitter accounts: 4.35 billion to be exact. Number of emails sent every day is equal to a cup full of rice whereas Facebook daily posts are mere 10 grains and daily tweets are only 4 grains. All the tweets and Facebook daily posts only make 0.2% of daily emails sent.


The daily search made on every search engine is equal to only 1% of daily email traffic. All the web pages viewed on search engines, only consume 1/4th of the bandwidth consumed by email. Marketers ignore email due to its old age and indulge in what’s new and hot in the field.


Email marketing is not only essential for all business efforts but also foundational for sales and marketing.

Quality vs. Quantity

Now most of you will not be impressed by above numbers. You would be like it does not make ane difference of email has more traffic than the social media sites as just traffic does not indicate success. Most marketers will defend concept of target marketing for gaining high-quality traffic. They argue benefits of such strategy as compared to shooting aimlessly.

This strategy is definitely good and shows you are expert in marketing. But email marketing not only beat social media in quantity but also in quality of traffic.

The Most Personal Way of Communication

Yeah, you would oppose this statement as well. You think Facebook is the most personal way to communicate with your clients and users.


Just read our first point. There are many people who are not using Facebook. If you want to target older audience then a well-written letter is preferable to get their attention. Most business-minded individuals will not use Facebook for doing financial conversations. However, they surely start their day by opening all their email accounts.

Email marketing is the best social media option and it has plenty of potential, you have to tap.

The Most Professional Way of Communication

There are some businesses which use Twitter or Facebook for communication. However, for building long term relationships with your clients and partners, email is the most mature and profession medium.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media are good for engaging the user but you should not spend all of your energy on these. You have to spend your time on all channels equally.

It Gets Customer’s Attention

Using email marketing will bring you closer to gain your business goals and objectives. This is not because people spend less time with social media as compared to email. Instead, email enables the marketer to make repeated communication and this is ”invasive”. You are sending emails in their inbox.

It’s different from tweets and Facebook posts which can be overlooked as Timeline has so many other people. So if your newsletter or sale campaign is well written, you are going to have customers. Researches have shown that every day an email account holder opens emails from certain specific senders. If you can get yourself included in this circle, you will get their attention.

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